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Troubleshoot DSX Desktop


To see the log files, click Help > Open log folder.

To enable tracing in the logs, click the tools icon (The tools icon), click Settings, click Support, and enable Debug mode.

Improve notebook and kernel performance

If you switch between multiple notebooks or delete a notebook, be sure to close and halt any notebook that you are no longer using or the notebook that you are deleting. If you don't close and halt the notebook, the kernel continues to run, causing increased memory consumption.

Shows the File menu from a notebook with the Close and Halt menu choice

If you get errors that say the kernel is running out of memory and restarting when you try to run a notebook, then you have reached your kernel limit. You can either stop any running kernels that you don't need or you can increase the kernel limit.

  • To stop a running kernel:

    Check your Notebooks page to see if any notebooks are still running. If a green circle appears in the STATUS column for a notebook, the kernel is running. You can stop the kernel by clicking the Stop kernel action for the notebook.

    Shows the stop kernel action for a notebook

  • To increase the kernel limit, you must increase the memory for Docker:

    1. From the menu for Docker, click Preferences and then choose the Advanced page.
    2. Adjust the memory setting as appropriate. The default is 2 GB, but you can increase the setting to allow for more kernels.