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IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) Desktop is a free client for data scientists and data engineers.

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DSX Desktop provides the following tools:

Open-source code files that data scientists and data engineers can create, import, or run. DSX Desktop provides sample notebooks to get you started.
A tool for working with R, a statistical analysis and machine-learning package that enables data management and includes tests, models, analyses, and graphics, and enables data management.

Supported libraries

DSX Desktop includes the basic Anaconda packages plus the following additional libraries:

  • Available for Anaconda 2.7, Anaconda 3.5 and Anaconda plus Spark:

    • CPLEX
    • ibm_db
  • Available for Spark only:

    • R Libraries: plyr, devtools, dplyr, ggplot2, tidyr, shiny, rmarkdown, forecast, stringr, rsqlite, reshape2, nycflights13, caret, rcurl, randomforest, and OHDSI libraries (OhdsiRTools, Cyclops, DatabaseConnector, FeatureExtraction, BigKnn, PatientLevelPrediction, SqlRender, MethodEvaluation, SelfControlledCaseSeries, CaseControl, CohortMethod, Hercules, EmpiricalCalibration, Cert, SelfControlledCohort, IcTemporalPatternDiscovery, PublicOracle).
    • Spark 2.1.0
    • tensorflow for Python
    • xgboost for Python
    • pandas
    • matplotlib
    • scipy
    • seaborn
    • scikit-learn
    • scikit-image
    • sympy
    • cython
    • patsy
    • statsmodel
    • cloudpickle
    • dill
    • numba
    • bokeh

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